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Oolter Etta
**Sale $1599.99**  Regular $1999.99

This vintage-looking bike is truly a classy one. Your friends will not expect it's electric. Etta is lightweight, easy to get around on and pure joy when riding. The riding experience is outstanding due to frame geometry-you can ride with a straight back without having to hunch over. The Dutch style step through frame is comfortable to get on wearing a dress or skirt.  This e-bike style is also good for people who find it difficult to get their leg lifted across a high bar.
Rover Model X & Y
**SALE: $2000** Price: $2399.99

Rover is a E-Bike specific brand from Surrey, BC, and this is their flagship model.
This bike comes with everything you might want with an e-bike: a long range of +80km, a easy to read digital display, a strong 350w motor, Samsung battery cells for reliability, integrated front + rear lights, and more! The aluminum frame helps to keep the weight down so you're not riding a boat anchor around town.
EVO Mid Drive E-Bike
***Sale : $3299.99 *** Price: $3399.99

Introducing the new EVO E-bike with Shimano E5000 Mid Drive assist.
Comes with hydraulic brakes, fenders, and lights.
This great bike comes in regular (pictured above) and step thru models (pictured below).

Brodie Ronin 1.0
Price $2099.99

Gravel, Adventure Touring, Bike Packing, Road, Cyclocross

For the person who wants to do almost anything with their bike.  Some touring, commuting, explore on pavement or path, do a gravel fondo, cyclocross or join the Sunday morning club ride. Add fenders for winter training rides.

Adventure seekers need look no further yet don't hesitate to ride this machine seven days a week. For the gravel rider who wants the ever elusive, one bike to rule them all.  For the daily commuter who loves to take the detours, community trails, dykes and alleys during the week AND on the weekends. 
Brodie Elan
Price: $1949.99

The Elan is for the classic tourer, gravel or mixed terrain adventurer and even works perfectly as as a year round commuter. Although the Elan is a little more road orientated than the Elan Vital it is still equally at home when the pavement meets the dirt. Long adventure tours, circle routed or even just your nasty weather bike on the weekends. The Elan is fully equipped to handle it all. The Elan is your 2 wheel companion to carry you on that trip of a lifetime you have been dreaming about. Long rides across town, Province, Country or Continent. Or maybe just for those looking for a road bike that can carry ALL your stuff.
Brodie Romulus
Price: $1549.99

The Romulus was built with modern geometry that splits the difference between a "road bike" and a "cyclocross bike" perfect for those adventure rides that involve multiple surfaces. A fully capable daily commuter that can handle any load to help tic off that errand list, getting ready for the weekend adventure on any terrain.
Brodie Revel
Price: $1249.99

The Revel maintains a more road biased geometry of the Brodie adventure lineup, with the added benefit of WTB Byway Comp Road Plus 650b x 47c tires for some off road trail exploring ! From group rides, to weekend touring adventures, smooth the ride while keeping the speed on the road less traveled.
Brodie Roam
  Price: $1199.99

Inspired by classic road bikes, the Roam is the perfect first step into road riding. Disc brakes for added power and all weather performance and control. Fenders bolt on easily with the 32c tires, a rack for your extra gear to get you where you need while enjoying the comfort of a dependable steel road frame. A bonus is that you can even fit gravel tires on this bike and it suddenly works perfect for off road adventures as well!
Brodie Tesla
Price: $974.99

The Tesla comes with a 650b wheel set mounted with 27.5 x 2.2” tires. This adds to the do anything attitude and not only does it make a great every day commuter but now it can handle any rough surface or even light trail riding. Hydraulic disc brakes provide consistent, predictable performance and large volume tires help smooth out rougher bike lanes, and help guard against flats.
Brodie Dynamo
Price: $1099.99

Best commuter bike, period - Still saying it, still meaning it! As Always Brodie put a lot of thought in to how they designed and spec the bike with some significant updates to this years model. New Graphics, and now with a full range 2x 9 speed drivetrain with a far greater than 1:1 gear ratio. This bike is for the person who simply wants the best bike they can get for commuting, to school, work, or daily errands, without buying more bike than they need.
Brodie Romax Adventure
Price: $3249.99
Size in stock: XS

Perfect for performance gravel races, cyclocross races, winter training, road riding, gravel routing and adventure. The Romax Adventure is the ultimate, high performance do anything, go anywhere adventure race bike. The Romax Adventure is for the person who's looking to step it up a notch. Racing 'cross in the fall, doing big adventure rides in the spring. Or even for those hunting personal bests on the long way home from work.
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