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We just wanted to let you all know that we are still open and supporting everyone to stay active in this time of restrictions. 

We are operating under normal business hours.

Stay healthy everyone!

We now carry 3 styles of E-Bikes. Scroll below to see them.

We now carry 3 styles of E-Bikes. Scroll below to see them.

EVO Kallio E-Bike
Price: $2999.99
Promovec Mid-Drive 500w motor.
Designed to handle daily commuting year round, and longer weekend rides.
Aluminum frame+fork, fenders, hydraulic disk brakes, digital display for ride stats.
EVO Bushwick E-BIKE
Price: $ 2299.99
Promovec Hub Drive 350w motor.
Designed for commuting and recreational rides
Aluminum frame+fork, hydraulic disc brakes.
EVO Atwater E-BIKE
Price: $1999.99
Folding bike, with a Promovec Hub Drive 250w motor.
Designed for your daily commute, and folds
up nicely if you have limited space at work
or at home for a bike.

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