At Cycles West we carry Brodie bikes, Genesis for adventure bikes and hybrid/commuters. 
EVO E-Bikes + Kids bikes. 
Garneau Kids Bikes.

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Garneau F20
Price: 249.99
The Garneau F20 keeps it simple and focuses on the fun. The bike comes with front and rear V brakes, but also has a coaster brake just in case your little one isn't used to using the hand brakes yet. The bike is a single speed, and comes with tires that are great for all terrains.
EVO Rock Ridge 20
Price: 299.99
Kids 20" bike. Aluminum frame for a lighter bike, rear hand brake, and a coaster brake.
This bike is the perfect next step up for your little tyke. It's fun, easy to handle, and is ready to tackle the roads.
The bike comes in three colours, lavender (pictured above), a purple, and a blue/ 
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