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Garneau Neo 207
Price: $299.99
This 20" kids bike comes in a stylish lavender colour, and it's a great step up from 
a 16" sized bike. It works nicely for trail rides, going to school, and camping trips.
The bike comes equipped with front and rear v-brakes and a full set of gears, so your kid will get a chance to feel like they have a grown up bike early on.
Garneau Trust 20" 
Price: $319.99
If your little tyke likes to hit the dirt trails as much as they can, but also roll off curbs on their way to school, then the Garneau trust is exactly the bike they need as they 
grow into this size. 
The comes equipped with knobby tires for great off road traction, a suspension fork to dampen all the bumps that they will hit, and plenty of gears to get them up the hills. 
Garneau F20
Price: 249.99
The Garneau F20 keeps it simple and focuses on the fun. The bike comes with front and rear V brakes, but also has a coaster brake just in case your little one isn't used to using the hand brakes yet. The bike is a single speed, and comes with tires that are great for all terrains.
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