Here you will find a selection of the bikes we have in shop and what brands we carry.
Scott CR1 20  - Price $1999 (Original $2699) - Size Extra Small

The Scott CR1 20 is a full on race bike, that's as comfortable as endurance bike. The bike is full Carbon Fiber and has Scott's special SDS. SDS stands for shock dampening system, which is developed to give you a comfortable ride over gravel and potholes whiles being stiff and light to propel you up the climbs.
Brodie Quantum - Price $599 (Original $899) - Size Medium

Imagine yourself cruising down the galloping goose along towards downtown Victoria. You're riding on a stylish cruiser, the Brodie Quantum, its smooth, comfortable and is ready for your every day life. Fenders and disc brakes for those rainy fall days. A rack for a basket or bags for riding on down to the store.
Scott Solace 30 - Price $1699 (Original $2799) - Size Medium

Scott designed the Solace with many things in mind: a bike that is comfortable unlike most race bikes, one that handles well no matter what the terrain and can fly around races like any other bike. 
Brodie Revel  -  Price $899 (Original $1199)  Size Large

This is a Brodie Revel, your perfect bike for Victoria. Comes with wider road tires so you can ride the local gravel trails and road with no issues. It also comes with disc brakes which have superior stopping power, especially in the wet conditions. Speedy and durable for commuting. 
Scott Speedster 10 -
 Price **$1799.99**  (Original 2199.99) - Size Medium 

This Scott Speed is your Ultimate do everything bike. It is fast on the roads, durable for everyday commuting, it comes with wide slick tires so it can handle gravel, hydraulic disc brakes for superb stopping power, and big clearence so that if you ever wanted to put some nobby tires on, you can.
Raleigh Cadent 2 - Price $599 - Size Medium

If you're looking for a perfect bike for commuting. maybe you want to ride on some of the gravel trails, potentially just want a bike to go riding with friends. Well, this is the bike for you, the Raleigh Cadent 2 does that all very well. It also comes with Disc brakes for superb stopping power. 
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