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On this page we are showcasing products of all sorts that we recommend for gravel escapes, adventure rides, and off road touring.
Tires are crucial and can make or break a good ride if you are not equipped properly. Tires are the only thing connecting you to the ground, so its key to find the tire that works for your wheel size, clearance capabilities, and your needs.
-Schwalbe G-One: If speed is name of your game, then look no further than the G-Ones! These tires are great all around gravel tires, but if you're wanting to do some gravel fondos and gravel races, then these are the ones for you. Tubeless ready.
-Continental Terra: If the wheels on your bike belong to the 650b / 27.5 family, and you're looking to cruise down some gnarly logging roads, then these tires will be your best friend. The tires are perfect for rough gravel roads, with a tread that's grippy and has solid side knobs for the endless switch back descents out there. They are durable and Tubeless ready.
-WTB Byway: If you're in it for the long haul, whether that's an overnight escape, or a off road touring journey, these tires will help keep you rolling nicely. With a slick middle to keep your speed up, and knobs on the sides to keep your wheels planted on the ground around any trick terrain. 650b/27.5
-Continental Speed Kings: If you're looking to explore the gravel in and around your city, but also like to dabble in cyclocross, then these tires will be a great option. They are a classic cyclocross width, they will work for those dry grassy cross races, and they will woke very nicely on your local gravel loops.
-Michelin Power: If you're looking for speed, but you're also not in the mood to get flats, then the Michelin is right up your alley. Tubeless Ready.
Tubeless technology has been one of the biggest revolutions on puncture protection. Here at Cycles West we firmly believe that and are ready to set you up tubeless, or supply you with all that you need to go tubeless yourself.
- Stans no tubes valves: The industry standard for top quality valves. 
- Stans no tubes sealant: Sealant is what makes tubeless, tubeless. The stans all natural sealant does the job very well and won't harm you or the environment. $5.99 per 60ml bottle.
- Tubeless set up: If you're wanting the professionals to help set you up tubeless, the come on down the the shop and let us handle it. $25.00 per wheel + tubeless tape at an additional cost (if needed).
Geosmina bags are well known in the gravel industry. The bags comes with a modern clean look, and each bag is waterproof or water resistant. The bags are perfect if you have a bike that doesn't have mounts for racks, as each bag can mount directly onto the tubing, or they have adaptors that bypass the need for mounts.
-Seat Bag: Water resistant outer shell, waterproof inner liner, reinforced bottom/sides to handle weight when loaded, light slit on rear and reflective logos throughout the bag. This bag is going to handle the bigger items that you're bringing along.
-Large Top Tube Bag: This bag is perfect for carrying the essentials. Its fully waterproof and its the perfect size to carry some food, your keys, you phone, wallet, or whatever small items you want.
-Handlebar bag: This fully waterproof bag is perfect for carrying your medium sized belonging on a overnight trip. It's up to you what you want to put in it, but we think it would be great for a single burner stove, and your other cooking utensils that you're bringing along. 
Safety, on the go repairs, and comfort for your hands. While these three areas are different from each other, each of them are key to having a good ride and not having something going wrong!
-Lights: While logging roads tend to be quiet, there are cars from time to time, and you gotta stay safe and seen. The blackburn combo set are great as they are easy mounting, USB rechargeable, and provide lots of light front and rear for cars to see you easily, they even work in a pinch for early morning departures or your running late into the evening. The CatLike Loop 2 lights are great if you tend to be forgetful, or just enjoy taking un expected detours that push you a little later than expected. These replace your bar plugs.
-Lizard skin Bar Tape: When you're on a multi day outing, or just riding on rough terrain, you need to keep your hands comfortable. The Lizard Skin bar tape is comfy and grippy, perfect for riding!
-Crankbrothers M17 multi tool: This Multi tool has everything you'll need out on the road. It's tough, comes with all the most common tools needed for a bike, and has a chain breaker.
-Hand pumps: If space is a premium in your multi day ride, then the gem from crankbrothers is great as it's a compact pump to save on space. If you have more space and want a bit better ergonomics, then the Klic HV is the pump for you, with its longer tubing, and the nozzle is sealed inside the pump for an ultra clean design.
Bags are a must have for any length of ride. These bags are great for carrying smaller items, so they work in a pinch for daily commutes, but also essentials on your adventures.
-Topeak Wedge pack large: This saddle bag is ready to carry all of your repair equipment, and more. This bag can comfortably carry a couple tubes, your multi-tool, tire leavers, CO2 cartridges or maybe a compact hand pump. The bag can be expanded by opening one of the zippers, as that increases the length of it. 
-EVO Clutch: The Clutch can either be a saddle bag or a handlebar bag, it all depends on what you're looking for. Some features of the bag include its insulated, water resistant and durable.
-EVO E-Cargo Frame Triangle frame bag: Triangle bags like this one are great for carrying essentials. It's great for carrying you ID, snacks, your phone, and etc.
Touring bags are a must have if you're hitting the road for a all day ride, or a multi day excursion.
- Ortlieb Panier: Waterproof guaranteed. Ortlieb are known far and wide for their waterproof paniers. They are the industry standard for top quality panier bags to keep all your gear in. $169.99
- EVO Koolbox Trunk bag: Just pop this bag on the top of your rear rack, and you got yourself a bunch more storage for all the essentials. Its water resistant and lots of reflective strips. $59.99
- Seabreeze Truck bag: This bag is completely made from recycled materials taking from the ocean. Its a great bag to strap onto the rear rack and carrying your food, extra water and more. $59.99  
Bike racks! If you're in for the long haul, or you're on a multi day excursion, then these are the rack that we recommend for you to use to haul your supplies.
- Axiom rear rack: This is your classic bike rack for paniers and trunk bags. $39.99
- Front rack: If you're carrying lots of gear, then an additional front rack might be a good options for you as it gives you that much more space. $39.99
- Seatpost rear rack: If your bike doesn't have the mount holes for a traditional rack, then you're in luck as we have one that clamps onto standard round seatposts. $59.99 
Clothing. The key to enjoying any gravel adventure ride making sure that you're not too hot, or too cold. These are some pieces of clothing that we recommend for a multitude of conditions.
- Louis Garneau Wapiti: This black and white glove is the best option during the warm months. $29.99
- Giro Bravo LF Gel: This bright summer glove will help keep you spotted with the bright colour. This glove has a three panel gel palm for maximum comfort, and touch screen compatible. $49.99
- Louis Garneau Super Prestige 2: For the unpredictable days on the bike, these gloves are a must have. Thermo spandex and neoprene glove for the cold temperaturs, and a sneaky finger cover that makes the glove weather resistant in a second. The cover tunks in for when you don't need it. $59.99
- Impac Thermo: If you picture yourself heading out on the coldest and wettest days of winter, then make sure to bring these gloves along. Fully wind and waterproof, with a thermal inner. $49.99
- Impac Headband: This winter brushed lycra is perfect for those mild days on the bike. $9.99
- Impac toque: If its freezing outside, then you better put on a toque! $24.99
- Louis Garneau Toe covers: This thermal toe covers will take the edge off you feet during those mild winter days. Anti slip bottoms, 3mm neoprene keeps you nice and warm. $24.99
- GORE Overshoes: For the coldest of days on the bike, when the snow is falling and the wind howls. Full wind proofing, and with primaloft insolation. $59.99
Hydration is key when riding a bike, whether that's a short or a long ride. Here are some nice quality bottles that we offer, but also some bling bottle cages to make your bike a little more fun or practical.
- Cycles West edition Camelbak: Do you want a nice quality bottle that's bpa free and great to use for many years? Then check out our store bottles and keep yourself hydrated. $19.99
- Tacx bottle: Your classic cycling bottle. Its bpa free and fits well in all bottle cages. Small and large size available with different colour accents. $14.99-$19.99
- Supercaz cages: This bling bottle cages come in multiple colour options. $29.99
-Tacx pro cage: These are built to be ultra light, weighing less than 30g. $24.99
- Lezyne alloy cage: This is your classic aluminum bottle cage, but it also comes with a nifty little mount for your compatible hand pump to attach to. $19.99

Maintaining your bike is essential if you want to keep it running smoothly. The products here will help you keep your bike lubricated, greased, clean, and keep your car/home a little less messy.
-Lubricants: We carry two brands at Cycles West: Muc-Off and Finish Line. Both of these brands are rock solid in their performance and we couldn't recommend them enough. Each brand has  a dry lube for the sunny days, it's thinner and less dirt sticks to your parts. We also carry their wet lube as we spend a lot of time in the rain out here on the west coast; the wet lube is thicker and doesn't wash off in the rain. 
-Degreasers: The Muc-Off Degreaser is your classic formula, it works nicely and keeps your bike clean. The Finish Line citrus degreaser is great if you find your bike getting super grimy and dirty, it's a heavy duty formula and cuts through the thickest of grime. 
-Finish line ceramic grease: If you like to get into the nitty gritty of your bike and work on your bike lots, then having a good quality grease is a must to keep your bolts and parts moving smoothly
-Park Tool Chain cleaner: A chain cleaning tool is key if you want to keep your chain clean after dirty rides, and it also helps keep the cleaning process easy and simple.
-EVO Bike Cover: After a good ride in the winter your bike tends to be dirty, and if you're someone who transports your bike inside your car, then this bag is a must. It will cover your whole bike, its water resistant, durable, and will help keep the mud and grit off of the interior of your car.
Braking, not just for safety, but for controlling and handling your bike. To ride your bike as fast as you want to, then you need some high quality brakes. Whether you're looking to maintain your own hydraulic brakes, replace your rotors, or bring it down to use to make them feel like new, we can help with that.
- IceToolz Bleed Kit: This bleed kit is built to be as universal as possible, bleeding virtually all types of hydraulic brakes. $89.99
- Shimano Mineral oil: The one and only fluid to use in Shimano brakes. $8.99
- Shimano Disc Brake Rotor: Replacement rotors for disc brakes. Rotors start at $29.99 and go up from there.
- Hydraulic Brake Bleed: If your brakes aren't feeling too good anymore, then take your bike down to us and we will be more than happy to help. $39.99 per brake.
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